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Vision Sciences Training Program

The Vision Sciences Training Program (VSTP) incorporates training and research at all levels: molecular, cellular and systems. Graduate students in the VSTP can be members of either the Biomedical Sciences Program (BMS) or the Program in Biological Sciences (PIBS) at UCSF. All of the faculty members have appointments in either the BMS or the PIBS programs. Some faculty members have joint appointments in other graduate programs at UCSF including the Biophysics Program and the Joint UC/UCSF Bioengineering Program. Graduate students who are working with one of the training faculty in these programs are included in the VSTP.

All training faculty members accept postdoctoral fellows into their labs. Postdoctoral fellows receive their primary training in the laboratory of their mentor however they are welcomed at the annual retreats, seminars and journal clubs of the BMS and PIBS programs. It is a tradition for both graduate students and postdoctoral students having interests that go beyond their mentor's lab to participate in the lab meetings of other faculty members to broaden their training.

Prospective students interested in the Vision Sciences Training Program are encouraged to view the descriptions of research interests of each faculty member (by clicking on "Faculty button" below). More in detailed information can be obtained from the laboratory web pages of each faculty member. If you are a prospective student and are interested in the research of a particular lab, you are encouraged to contact the faculty member directly. Admissions requirements, deadlines and application forms can be obtained from each of the graduate programs or from the graduate division at UCSF.

Prospective postdoctoral fellows are encouraged to contact faculty members directly to explore training opportunities. Stipend support and tuition is provided by an NEI-funded Training Grant for a limited number of graduate students in the VSTP. A very limited number of postdoctoral slots are available also on the Vision Training Grant.

Contact Information

David Copenhagen, Ph.D., Professor
Departments of Ophthalmology and Physiology
Box 0444
UCSF School of Medicine
San Francisco, CA 94158

Telephone:(415) 502-7351
Fax (415) 476-6289
E-mail: cope@phy.ucsf.edu

Address for express mail services:
675 Nelson Rising Drive
Room NS 415a
Sandler Neuroscience Building
UCSF School of Medicine
San Francisco, CA 94158-0444