Douglas Gould Laboratory

Exploring the roles of extracellular matrix
in development and disease

Employment Opportunities
The Gould lab routinely accepts volunteers, graduate students, medical students and postdoctoral fellows. If you are highly motivated, ambitious and creative researcher please forward your CV along with a cover letter and the contact information for two or three references.

Welcome to the Gould Lab!

Our mission is to understand the molecular pathways that underlie diseases of the extracellular matrix that may be targeted with mechanism-based therapies. Our primary focus is the study of multi-system disorders that arise as a consequence of mutations in the genes encoding type IV collagen alpha 1 (COL4A1) and COL4A2.

Basement membranes are highly specialized extracellular matrices that act as dynamic and versatile signaling platforms to regulate tissue development, function, and repair. COL4A1 and COL4A2 are major component of virtually basement membranes. They evolved half a billion years ago along with the earliest multicellular organisms and have been integrated into diverse fundamental biological processes as time and evolution shaped the animal kingdom. Consequently, mutations in these two genes result in multi-system disorders with ambiguous and overlapping boundaries that likely reflect the simultaneous interplay and integration of multiple cellular pathways and processes. Treatments and therapies are likely to be as varied as the phenotypes. Understanding tissue-specific pathology and the underlying molecular mechanism is the present challenge and personalized medicine will rely upon understanding how a given mutation impacts diverse cellular functions.

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